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  Articles on Energy Policy and Energy Efficiency

Here some of the articels, a column and an interview (in Dutch) I wrote over the years on energy efficiency. Sometimes just the article, sometimes the whole magazine...

And as they are to big to mail, sometimes also the presentations

  • Rob P. Kool, Carbon emission policies and market introduction of technologies - the European perspective (Energy Manager, 2010, Kerala, India)
  • Rob P. Kool, Europe’s Market Transformation towards an Energy Efficient Society: The (Im)Possibilities of a European Directive (ACEEE, 2010)
  • Rob Kool and Ruud Jonkers, Improving Energy Efficiency in Industry in time: A search for suitable instruments. (UNESCO, Energy Bulletin, 2010)
  • Rob Kool and Antoinet Smits, Energy Efficient Building: Get it right from the start (Energy Press, Bulletin Energy Manager, 2010, Kerala, India)
  • Rob Kool and Renée Bruel, SenterNovem: Efficiency within Dutch Policy (UNESCO, Energy Bulletin 2009)
  • Rob P. Kool and Miett Tajthy, SenterNovem: Can Long-Term Agreements Conquer the World? (ACEEE, 2009)
  • Rob Kool, vice president's column: Energy Efficiency Watch - holiday reading (ECEEE, 2009)
  • Rob Kool, Renée Bruel, SenterNovem: Development of the Dutch Energy Efficiency Action Plan (ECEEE, 2007)
  • Rob Kool, SenterNovem: ‘Goed dat de markt zelf initiatieven neemt’, interview (Essent Energiekrant, 2007)
  • R.P. Kool and C.C. Egmond, Senter Novem: The Energy Performance of a Location: Successes, Setbacks and New Approach (ACEEE, 2004)
  • Robert P. Kool, Stephan Jenniskens, Rebecca van Leeuwen-Jones Daniel van Rijn and Marian Poolen: Development of Policy to Reduce CO2 Emissionsin the Dutch Buildings Sector (ACEEE, 2002)
  • Annemarie Huibers, Robert P. Kool, Marijke Wobben (Novem) Beyond HERS – The Dutch Community Energy Rating System (ACEEE 2002)

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